Caring for Your Leather Apron


The Stalwart apron is guaranteed to survive anything you throw at it. Literally! Grease, wine, food, dirt: there’s nothing that fazes these well-crafted luxury 100% natural leather aprons. To clean your apron, simply wipe the apron with a damp cloth. Alternatively, mix one quart of warm water with a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. For tougher projects feel free to use a hose! Check out the video and see for yourself.

Regular use of a leather conditioner will help make your apron look great year after year.


Perfect thickness + Flexibility

We have worked endlessly on developing an apron with the perfect thickness and flexibility.

Our aprons are lightweight and soft (comfortable enough for all-day wear) and offer ample protection against splashes, dirt, sharp objects, corners, embers, etc. Check out our video for further proof.


Our leather has been treated with a waterproof coating which enriches the color of the leather and gives it a little shine. This extra coating is impregnated in the leather and will not come off, allowing you to easily wipe off any liquid or dirt and clean your apron.


Your Stalwart leather apron will only improve over time. The more you wear your apron faster it will soften and start molding to the shape of your body. Regular cleaning and conditioning of your apron will ensure it will last a life time.


After you clean your apron or any other time, store your leather apron by hanging it on a hook or hanger. This will help maintain its natural shape and prevent it from getting any folding lines. Taking the apron on the road with you? Roll the apron from the bottom to the top. Folding may create folding lines. Folding lines will disappear over time, but for a quick solution, gently iron (warm setting) the backside of the leather.


Because of its unique coating, it is very easy to clean your apron. Food, fat, wine, coffee, or dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth and a mild soap, such as Dawn dish soap. 

Do not spot clean the leather apron; always clean the entire surface. Do not use any hard chemicals such as saddle soap, cleaning solvents, oils, furniture polishes, varnishes, abrasive cleaners, detergents, or ammonia. This will dissolve the coated protection layer and cause premature wear. 

When you clean your apron, avoid getting the leather soaking wet and never put an apron in the washing machine. If the leather is soaking wet let it dry naturally at room temperature, do not use any heating source (including the sun) to make your apron dry faster.  The leather will dry out. 

Proper treatment of your apron will ensure it will last a lifetime.


Regularly treat your leather apron with a natural leather conditioner and your apron will stay moist, supple, and protected.

You could make your own leather conditioner is made using just 2 ingredients: neatsfoot oil and organic beeswax or find one online to clean your apron.

Gently apply the leather conditioner once a month or after a thorough clean using a cloth or sponge. Allow for the leather to soak up the conditioner and wipe off the excess conditioner with a clean soft cloth. With little care, your apron will last years.

If you are looking for a leather conditioner recommendation, we like Cobbler’s Choice.  It’s all natural, affordable and available on Amazon.

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