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Customer stories

Andrew Tuck, chef and owner Tan&Mor

Meet Andrew Tuck, chef and owner Tan&Mor (@chefAndiTuck) – a true Stalwart to the core.

What makes you a Stalwart? Loyalty, reliability and hard work are the key aspects of being a good chef. But if I had to choose one, it would be loyalty. I recently got married and wouldn’t want to be with anyone else

When did your passion for cooking start? From a very young age. I’d go fishing with my father in the sea then take our catch back to beach and cook it on open fire, eating it with our bare hands.

What’s in the pipeline? This year will be super exciting! I’ve teamed up with the St Kew Inn near Bodmin, Cornwall, to bring the wood-fired experience to a stunning 15th-century village pub, serving smoky fish, pit-roasted meats and feasts in our beer garden. I will still be hosting my small private beach cook-outs – but just not as many!

Why choose a Stalwart apron? It is so comfortable to wear day in, day out. The backstraps mean you don’t have any weight on your neck; it’s surprisingly light, and easy to clean, particularly the Deluxe version – which I’m wearing right now.

What’s your life motto? Everything tastes better with a pinch of charcoal!

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