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From Style To Function: The Value Of Leather Check Presenters

From start to finish the restaurant experience is designed to make customers feel relaxed and l. When diners are shown to their table and handed a menu they immediately become a part of the restaurant’s atmosphere, where their every need is catered for.

Countless accessories help to complement this experience, where cutlery, glasses, menu covers and serviettes all come together to make diners feel as comfortable as possible. One key element that sets stylish eateries apart from the crowd is the check presenter. Also known as a bill presenter or wallet, this small accessory is a symbol of class and elegance that provides diners with a degree of privacy as they settle their bill.

In particular, a leather check presenter conveys a sense of timelessness that can heighten any dining experience. Read on for an in-depth look at the world of the check presenter, with an overview of its benefits for restaurants and the advantages of choosing an authentic leather product.

What Is A Check Presenter?

A check presenter or bill holder is an enclosed wallet that can be used to hand customers their bill at the end of their meal. The customer can open up the wallet to view the paper ticket with the details of their purchases in a discreet fashion, where a payment card or a cash tip can then be placed inside the wallet to be collected by the waiting staff.

These are available in a wide range of different materials and styles, from leather to plastic, where the name of the company can be embossed on the front for additional brand recognition.

Benefits Of Using A Check Presenter

The check presenter may feel like a superfluous accessory for some, but it can make a big difference to the atmosphere of a restaurant. Some of the many benefits of investing in this accessory are listed below:

Bill Discretion

A check presenter allows a bill to be handed to a customer without the total cost being shown to the whole table. This allows a customer to be discreet about the cost of the meal if they wish, where they can then choose to split the bill with the other diners if that is their preference.

Conceals Payment Details

Although some restaurants now take contactless payments at the table, others may prefer to accept a credit or debit card manually, where this can be placed discreetly in the check presenter. The enclosed wallet then protects the customer’s card details until the payment is complete.

Discrete Tipping

The check presenter also provides a space for diners to leave a cash tip with discretion. Some may feel uncomfortable leaving sums of money visibly on the table, where the check presenter also ensures that tips are secure.

Distribute Cards & Complimentary Items

A check presenter provides a space to distribute cards and information directly to the customer in a subtle fashion. This may include comment or feedback forms as well as business cards. This space can also be used to hand customers complimentary items such as after dinner mints alongside their bill.


In addition to the practical benefits, a check presenter also distinguishes a restaurant as professional and stylish, where this manner of giving the customer their bill is infinitely superior to simply handing over a loose paper receipt.

Leather Check Presenters

Leather products easily bring a sense of timeless elegance to a commercial space, where this hard wearing material will fit in with the existing aesthetic of any restaurant.

How Leather Is Manufactured

The leather-making process involves the drying out of an animal hide to produce a hard-wearing, versatile material. Firstly the animal skin is removed and salted, which halts the decomposition process. It is then soaked in a lime bath to chemically remove any animal hair. This process causes the material to swell, where it can then be sliced to produce separate layers of leather.

The hides then undergo a tanning process, where the material is loaded into a purpose built drum containing tanning agents. This process transforms the structure of the hide to produce a durable leather. These pieces are then dried out using high pressure rollers to remove excess moisture, where the leather is then cut down to specified size depending on how it will be used.

Leather can then be dyed to achieve a desired color, where this could be a traditional black or deep red. More modern dyes can also be used to achieve a bright, colourful finish . In addition to this, leather pieces can be finished and treated to achieve different effects. It can be treated to produce a high shine and glossy finish. Pieces can then be embossed with a company logo or brand name for an additional final detail.

Benefits Of Choosing A Leather Product

Leather brings with it a myriad of benefits due to its versatility and long-wear properties, where it can be used to manufacture a wide selection of products. Some of these benefits include:

Stain-proof – the impermeable nature of leather means that it is resistant to spills and stains, meaning it makes for highly durable products

Ages Well – leather absorbs oil, water and sunlight over time where it will develop a natural shine or a darker colour which adds to the character of the material

Scratch Resistant – the toughness of most leathers means that it is naturally scratch resistant, meaning it will last a long time at a high quality

Sustainable – due to the long-lasting qualities of leather, it is a relatively sustainable material compared to plastics and other synthetic alternatives which will need to be replaced more frequently

Style – leather is a timeless material that will never go out of style, where you can choose from a range of colours and finishes to complement your aesthetic

Easy Maintenance – as leather naturally ages well, it does not require regular maintenance and can preserve its appearance without need for washing

Natural Material – leather is a natural by-product of the meat or dairy industry, where it does not require any synthetic products or plastics for its production

Stalwart Crafts: Rustic Aprons, Leather Check Presenters & Accessories

At Stalwart we supply a wide array of premium leather goods, including unique handcrafted leather aprons. These are available in a range of leather variations, including:

Rustic – an authentic two-toned leather that provides you with a sturdy and hard wearing apron with a traditional feel

Deluxe – a more comfortable, lightweight leather option treated for extra flexibility and a premium feel

Croco Leather – our newest leather option which provides a unique three dimensional crocodile skin pattern

Each is available in a full range of authentic colours, including Whiskey, Black, Marine Blue and Brown.

Our products are manufactured from responsibly sourced leather farmed from retired dairy cows, where all our products are designed to last. Each of our aprons is made from leather that is ultra-lightweight and comfortable, meaning they are ideal for everyday use.

In addition to this, we supply leather accessories such as oven gloves, knife rolls, pouches and wallets. Our range also encompasses a selection of restaurant products such as leather check presenters and menu covers.

Premium Aprons To Suit Your Business

Our durable premium aprons are designed to be used across a range of industries, where blacksmiths, barbers and butchers alike can all benefit from their stain-proof and long lasting qualities. A leather chef apron can help to make your kitchen staff stand out from the crowd, whilst shorter waist aprons for bar waiters can create an exciting talking point for your clientele.

In order to make your luxury apron personal to you, we offer a range of customization options. These include laser engraving, where your logo or brand name is permanently seared into the leather and won’t fade over time. Other options such as embossing, strap engraving, colored engraving and metal tag additions all provide long lasting customization options. All of these help to make your apron exclusively yours whilst cementing your brand identity.

Contact us today for more information about our full premium leather product range, or browse our catalogue of customer stories for further inspiration.



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