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Customer stories

David and Anthony of Jin Talog

Meet David and Anthony of Jin Talog (jintalog.wales) ­– true Stalwarts to the core.

What makes you Stalwarts? We distil Jin Talog, a hand-crafted artisan single Welsh gin – borne from much experimentation. In the beginning, we made this organic gin for ourselves, as we were tired of being disappointed by others that promised a lot and didn’t deliver. Luckily our customers agree that Jin Talog, with its unashamedly juniper flavour – is not the average tipple.

How did it all start? The desire to create, make, design, develop, nurture and experiment have been enduring passions. The move to a farm in Wales gave us the time, space and inspiration to make our dream a reality.

What’s in the pipeline? To continue to make great gin of course, and to help people learn the difference between ordinary gins and an exceptional one like ours. Oh, and to lead a global citrus-slice shaming campaign! Good gin doesn’t need a slice of lemon!

What’s your life motto? Do one thing well, and don’t drown our gin with tonic.

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