Groomsman Gift Ideas

From Best Friends to Best Man: 7 Best Groomsmen’s Gift Ideas

As you plan for your big day, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the friends who will stand by your side as

Stalwart Crafts Interview with David Silverstein from Whirlwind Coffee

We recently hosted David Silverstein, owner of Whirlwind Coffee in Oak Park, Illinois, and Stalwart customer, for an interview. Whirlwind Coffee is a father-daughter-owned

Richard of Familyhomecook

Meet Richard of Familyhomecook – a true Stalwart to the core. What makes you a Stalwart? I like to think that I’m very durable

Chris French-Drayton

Meet Chris French-Drayton, a true Stalwart’s to the core In what are you a Stalwart? I’ve worked in a senior sales & marketing capacity
Designing a Cafe

Designing a Cafe: 5 Ways to Boost Your Cafe Aesthetic

Both new and old-wave coffee cultures have taken over the streets – literally. Today there seems to be a cafe or coffee shop on

Interview with Tessa Krugman of DROSCOS Sauces

We sat for an interview with Tessa Krugman, the creative mind behind DROSCO Sauces. If you’ve tried them, you know they’re full of rich,

Sam Ashton-Booth, chef at Counter Culture

Meet Sam Ashton-Booth, chef at Counter Culture in Clapham – a true Stalwart to the core. What’s special about Counter Culture? The restaurant’s unique

Dez Turland, PR chef for Saunton Sands Hotel

Meet Dez Turland, PR chef for Saunton Sands Hotel (part of Brends Hotels) in North Devon – a true Stalwart to the core. What

The Benefits of Using A Menu Cover In Your Restaurant

In the competitive world of the restaurant industry, creating a memorable dining experience for your customers is crucial. From the moment they step through

How a Leather Check Presenter can suit Different Functions 

Leather is, unquestionably, one of the most diverse and capable materials on the planet,t which explains why we have been using it for thousands

Gas, Electric, or Charcoal: Which Grill are you Choosing This Spring?

Grilling is a popular outdoor cooking method that involves cooking food over an open flame. There are several types of grills to choose from,

The Practical Benefits Of Purchasing A Leather Knife Roll

Working in a kitchen can be an exciting, varied, and fast-paced challenge. From experimenting with flavors and tastes to consistently producing good food, even

Andrew Tuck, chef and owner Tan&Mor

Meet Andrew Tuck, chef and owner Tan&Mor (@chefAndiTuck) – a true Stalwart to the core. What makes you a Stalwart? Loyalty, reliability and hard work are the

7 High-End & Truly Unique Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas: Making a Lasting Impression

Sending corporate holiday gifts is a time-honored tradition that helps to foster business relationships, express appreciation, and strengthen corporate ties. But in the modern

Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste

Meet Jason Bellord of Cure & Baste (@cureandbaste) – a true Stalwart to the core. What makes you a Stalwart? I’m a chef and

David and Anthony of Jin Talog

Meet David and Anthony of Jin Talog ( ­– true Stalwarts to the core. What makes you Stalwarts? We distil Jin Talog, a hand-crafted

Stalwart Crafts: Our 2023 Interview with Mel from Dark Side of the Grill

Welcome to an exciting collaboration between Stalwart Crafts and Mel, the genius behind Dark Side of the Grill. In this exclusive interview, we explore

Interview with Big Paul on the Grill

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Jimenez, also known on Instagram as “Big Paul on the Grill.” Paul is a dedicated

The Environmental Benefits Of A Sustainable Leather Apron

A sustainable leather apron is a lifelong investment, saving you money and materials. Better still, you’ll be contributing to the fight against climate change.
Leather Apron

From Commercial to Home Kitchens: Leather Aprons for All Culinary Enthusiasts

From commercial kitchens to home chefs, culinary enthusiasts of all calibers are no strangers to the importance of protective gear. Among the various options

The Incredible History of Leather Aprons: A Journey Through Time

Leather aprons are a timeless piece of clothing a wide variety of different professions have used for centuries. This article will take you through
How to clean and maintain a leather apron

Extending the Life of your Leather Apron: Here’s How to Clean & Maintain it

The leather apron has been a staple of the working human for centuries. It is both durable and practical, and it can provide a

Review Stalwart Crafts Classic Leather Apron by Damian Turner

I like cooking, both in the kitchen and outside around a hot stove or BBQ, and most times I’m in my scruffs serving up

The Perfect Leather Apron for Barbecuing: A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Best One

Barbecuing is not just a cooking method. For many, it’s a way of life. Whether you’re a seasoned restaurant-style pit master or a backyard
Restaurant Design

Creating a Memorable Brand Identity Through Restaurant Design: 5 Things All Restaurants Should Consider

When starting a restaurant there are many moving parts like staffing, menu, credit card processors, and more. In this busy time as a new

Unlocking Comfort: How to Soften and Break in Your New Stalwart Crafts Leather Apron

Purchasing a Stalwart Crafts leather apron is an exciting and long-term purchase. When you first receive your apron, you may notice an initial stiffness.
Leather apron - 5 professions that need them. Image of a man with a leather apron that holds his kitchen knife set for cooking

The Benefits of a Leather Apron: 5 Professions Where a Leather Apron Is a Must

Aprons are a practical and fashionable choice for professionals who interact with others and need to protect their clothing from messes and irritants. They

How to Open a Bar: 5 Items to Set You Apart From the Competition

Starting your very own bar is an exciting and risky venture. According to Fortune, “110,000 eating and drinking establishments closed in 2020.” While the

Barbecue Hacks: Grill the Meat Right and Get Cooking

It’s that time of the year when the sun is shining bright and BBQ lovers are all set to huddle up in their backyards

Crafting Your Identity: A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Stalwart Leather Apron

You can trust that every Stalwart leather apron is crafted with the highest-quality sustainably sourced Italian leather, meaning it will hold up against the

Leather Menu Covers and Aprons: Why Choose Leather?

When it comes to presenting your menu in a stylish and sophisticated manner, nothing quite compares to the timeless elegance and durability of leather
restaurant leather menu check presenters

Restaurant Menu Covers: 3 Reasons to Choose Leather

When designing a restaurant, the details matter. But which are most impactful? From designing the menu, to pulling in unique decor, and creating memorable

Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij

Meet Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij, with stores in Deurne and Nuenen, Holland – true Stalwarts to the core. What’s
Thanksgiving drinks

​​Thanksgiving Drinks: 10 Easy, Yet Sophisticated Drinks for Your Family Get Together

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to come together and give thanks for all we have in our lives. And what better

From Style To Function: The Value Of Leather Check Presenters

From start to finish the restaurant experience is designed to make customers feel relaxed and l. When diners are shown to their table and

Grilling This Spring: 10 Things Every Home Griller Needs This Season

Spring is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start dusting off the grill for the start of grilling season. If you have a

Best Gifts for the BBQ Enthusiast According to Mel Chmilar Jr. of Dark Side of the Grill

It’s no secret that barbecue, the art of cooking meat over a grill, has captured the hearts of food lovers worldwide. For those who

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