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Customer stories

Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij

Meet Marcel and Marjolein, owners of traditional bakery De Gebackerij, with stores in Deurne and Nuenen, Holland – true Stalwarts to the core.

What’s special about your bakery? Six bakers work day – and especially night – to produce our own delicious range of bread, pies and cakes. Recently we’ve been focussing on more contemporary wares, such as sourdough and luxury patisserie and, as a result, we now supply a large number of clients in the hospitality industry. We also make products specifically for our customer’s wishes.

Why have you opted for Stalwart leather aprons? We wanted to bring a fresher, more modern look to our bakeries and these leather aprons fit the bill. Previously, our staff wore blouses with a fabric apron but because they were washed at home, they wore out quickly and did not look as smart. The leather aprons are durable, comfortable easy to keep clean. They will last for years! The investment was a lot lower than having team uniforms made to measure. And our customers love them!

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