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Interview with Tessa Krugman of DROSCOS Sauces

We sat for an interview with Tessa Krugman, the creative mind behind DROSCO Sauces. If you’ve tried them, you know they’re full of rich, bold, and delicious South African flavors and we’re thrilled to learn more about the brains and effort behind them.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

SC: Can you share with us the story behind DROSCO Sauces and what inspired you to start this venture?

TK: We opened the Drosco Restaurant and Wine Cellar Franchise in Stellenbosch, South Africa more than 27 years ago, but Hein has been in the restaurant industry for almost 40 years. About 10 years ago we started manufacturing sauces not only for our restaurants but also for the wholesale and retail markets.

Bringing Drosco Sauces from South Africa to the US market is not just about sharing a condiment; it’s about sharing our story, our culture, and our love for the flavors of our homeland with our new home. It’s a way to connect with the past while embracing the future, building bridges, and contributing to the rich tapestry of American culinary diversity.

We are excited and honored to embark on this journey, inviting Americans to savor the genuine taste of South Africa and to join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of our homeland.

SC: South African cuisine is rich and diverse. How has your South African heritage influenced the flavors and recipes you incorporate into your sauces?

TK: South African heritage is the heart and soul of our Chutney and Sweet Chili sauces. It influences every aspect of our products, from the selection of ingredients to the preparation methods and flavor profiles. We are proud to share a taste of South Africa with the world, celebrating the diversity and cultural richness of our culinary heritage through our sauces.

SC: Can you share some of the key values and principles that guide you in maintaining high standards for your products?

TK: Our key values and principles form the foundation of our commitment to delivering the highest quality products. We prioritize sourcing and using only the finest, locally sourced, and authentic ingredients, ensuring the freshness and authenticity of our sauces. Craftsmanship is at the heart of our production process, employing traditional methods with meticulous attention to detail. Authenticity is paramount as we strive to preserve the genuine taste and traditions of South African cuisine, yet modifying it slightly to appeal to the broader American market. We maintain transparency, adhere to strict quality control measures for consistency and prioritize customer satisfaction. Innovation drives us to improve and expand, while food safety, community engagement, and a dedication to continuous improvement are non-negotiable aspects of our business. These values and principles collectively ensure that we consistently provide products that reflect the highest standards of quality.

SC: Many entrepreneurs face challenges in their journey, but the choice to move your business abroad adds many hurdles to that list. What obstacles have you encountered, and how have they shaped your business?

TK: Moving our South African Sauces business to the United States presented challenges such as adapting products to a new market, complying with regulations, building brand recognition, and understanding American consumer preferences. These hurdles have required us to be more innovative, customer-focused, and agile and we are still learning and adapting every day.

SC: Could you give us a glimpse into the exciting future of DROSCO Sauces? What exciting projects or collaborations can we look forward to seeing from you soon?

TK: At DROSCO Sauces, we are enthusiastic about the exciting future that lies ahead. We are committed to sharing even more flavors from our South African heritage with the world. In the pipeline are plans to release a range of new South African sauces, each inspired by the diverse and vibrant culinary traditions of our homeland. Stay tuned for these delicious additions to our DROSCO Sauces family!

SC: Can you share what you appreciate most about the Stalwart apron and how it enhances your culinary experience when working in the kitchen?

TK: I must say that the Stalwart apron has been a game-changer in my kitchen. What I appreciate most about it is its exceptional durability and craftsmanship. The quality of the softest leather used and the attention to detail in its design are truly remarkable. The apron not only looks great, but it also provides excellent protection against spills and splatters. It’s comfortable to wear, and the thoughtful design ensures that I can move around the kitchen with ease. The Stalwart apron has enhanced my culinary experience by providing the functionality and style I need when working in the kitchen. It’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to do so with comfort and flair.

SC: When selecting a partner for your apron needs, what factors led you to choose Stalwart Crafts over other apron companies, and what sets our products apart in your opinion?

TK: I chose Stalwart Crafts as my partner for apron needs due to their unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, versatility, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional customer service. Their aprons stand out for their style, practicality, and durability, making them ideal for both professional chefs and home cooks like myself. Stalwart Crafts understands the needs of those in the kitchen and has designed aprons that not only protect but also enhance the culinary experience. Their products are a testament to their dedication to creating top-notch aprons, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice as it has significantly elevated my time in the kitchen.


We’d like to thank Tessa Krugman for joining us and sharing her inspiring journey and insights into her world and business. Her passion for flavors and innovation is truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to see how DROSCO Sauces continues to delight its customers for years to come.



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