XL Cross Strap Apron – Deluxe Leather


For our larger customers, we added more leather to our XL Cross-Strap Apron in Deluxe Leather and created the XL version for a large apron. The XL Large Apron is wider and comes with extra-long, extra-sturdy cross straps with 4 front and back adjustable buckles. In addition, the XL features a back-patch to keep your straps in place, offering even more comfort and support. The XL Cross Strap Leather Apron Deluxe also features a large front pocket.

  • Unisex

  • XL for larger builds (but can be comfortably worn by anyone)

  • Additional waist strap adds up to 20 inches

  • Made extra wide for full protection

  • Adjustable at 5 different points

  • Extra-wide cross straps for more comfort

  • 4 extra strap buckles for better adjustment

  • Includes a large front pocket

  • Comfortable backpatch to keep straps in place

  • Personalization available

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Additional products

Need more storage? This pouch can be attached on and off the towel strap of your apron.

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While the XL Cross Strap Apron Deluxe is suitable for larger builds, it can be comfortably worn by anyone. The primary difference between the XL and the regular Deluxe apron is the width of the apron.  The XL Cross Strap Leather Apron Deluxe version wraps around the body more, offering additional protection.

The Deluxe Collection is made of the highest quality responsibly sourced Italian leather. Our Deluxe Apron is lightweight, durable, and so soft you won’t want to take it off. Our leather is coated with an extra protective layer, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Stalwart Deluxe Apron ages beautifully over time and the more you wear it the more flexible it will become while keeping its shape and strength.

Each piece is handcrafted with care. Slight variations in color and/or size are expected.

Who wears our aprons? Gardeners, baristas, landscapers, beekeepers, BBQ enthusiasts, tattoo artists, sommeliers, crafters, hobbyists, woodworkers, barbers, bakers, butchers, florists, groomers, horse trainers, stylists, shoemakers, chefs, pit masters, mixologists, brewers, blacksmiths, fishmongers, sculptors, artists, welders and MANY more!

A Stalwart Deluxe Apron is an apron for life!


Additional information

Weight 2.54 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 33 in
Girth Range

42-60 in (add up to 20" with extra strap)


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