Holiday SALES on select Aprons.

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Sustainably sourced  Italian leather.
  • Light + comfortable for all day wear.
  • Great protection from stains, heat, and/or sharp objects.
  • Strong + durable, designed to last.
  • Easy to clean: just wipe down.
  • Personalization available by adding logo.
  • Looks fabulous.

A Stalwart Crafts apron is an apron for life!


  • Personalized Aprons: 12/6
  • Back-Ordered Aprons: 12/6
  • Quick-Ship Aprons: 12/15

*Dates are estimates only. We will make every effort to get orders to you by 12/23, barring delays beyond our control. ORDER EARLY!

Trusted by the best


See what some of our loyal customers have to say about their Stalwart Crafts Leather Aprons
Marcus Bawdon Wearing Stalwart Apron
I spend a lot of time bbqing year round, and find this apron hard-wearing and very comfortable to wear with the cross straps. The quality is excellent ?
Marcus Bawdon
leather aprons
I got three aprons and three knife rolls, one each for my father, my cousin and myself. They are magnificent. The craftsmanship is out of this world. They are extremely well made and look phenomenal. I’m ecstatic about the aprons and the knife rolls. I can’t recommend them enough.
The Grillin’ Fools
leather aprons chotto matte from stalwart crafts
From Miami to London the staff of Chotto Matte is in style using our Cross strap apron in bespoke Oxblood colour.
Chotto Matte London
leather aprons
The reason we chose to work with ‘Stalwart’ as our leather Apron supplier was their attention to the quality of the items and ongoing product improvement and development. This fits with Goodfellow ‘s philosophy and Stalwart are a perfect partner.
G&G Goodfellows
Corrigan's Mixologist Pouring Drink
Love you guys aprons! The quality and look is first rate. We opened Dickies bar with the team from the Dead Rabbits and needed a smart but modern look for the opening. The aprons were a great fit for the bar and for the company itself. I look forward to using the aprons again for a current or future venue and have know hesitation in recommending them to any business.
Corrigan Mayfair
H & J Carnduff Butchers in Cross Strap Aprons
H and j Carnduff Northern Ireland butchers shop of the year 2018 and 2019 . ” The Aprons from Stalwart Crafts have been a real talking point for our customers.They look like a pair of comfortable brogues and fit in to our modern butchers shop with a traditional and old fashioned twist.
Hamilton Carnduff
leather aprons
I got three aprons and three knife rolls, one each for my father, my cousin and myself. They are magnificent. The craftsmanship is out of this world. They are extremely well made and look phenomenal. I’m ecstatic about the aprons and the knife rolls. I can’t recommend them enough.
The Grillin’ Fools
leather aprons
We love our Stalwart Crafts leather aprons as they are durable and provide proper protection between us and the scorching grills at Fallow. They’re handcrafted in the UK, can be personalised with branding and logos, and will last a lifetime.
H & J Carnduff Butchers in Cross Strap Aprons
H and j Carnduff Northern Ireland butchers shop of the year 2018 and 2019 . ” The Aprons from Stalwart Crafts have been a real talking point for our customers.They look like a pair of comfortable brogues and fit in to our modern butchers shop with a traditional and old fashioned twist.
Hamilton Carnduff


leather aprons

Stalwart Crafts won the
Innovation & Excellence Award 2023

leather aprons

Stalwart Crafts won the Prestige award – Leather goods
manufacturer of the year 23/24

leather aprons

We stand behind every single product we make by hand.
Lifetime guarantee on all Stalwart Crafts products



Why Stalwart leather aprons?

Benefits of Stalwart Leather Aprons
Mixologist Pouring Drink
Man in Cross Strap Apron Holding Crab


  1. Designed to last
  2. Quality craftsmanship
  3. Luxury leather
  4. Responsibly sourced materials
  5. Exceptional customer service
  6. Free shipping within the US
  7. Customizable products 
Blue Cross Strap Apron with Benefits


Stalwart Crafts stands for exceptional quality and uses responsibly-sourced and sustainable raw materials. The premium Italian leather, sourced from retired dairy cows, is treated at our local tannery in Waalwijk, the Netherlands to ensure optimum thickness, weight, flexibility, comfort, and protection. The result is the finest handcrafted leather aprons available anywhere. A Stalwart apron is an apron for life.


Our handcrafted leather aprons have been perfected to create a balance between protection and comfort. Leather responds well to daily wear and tear and is one of the most durable materials available. The more you use the apron the softer it will become and with minimum care, your apron will last many years. We stand behind the quality of our Stalwart apron with a 12-month guarantee: on the off chance that something happens in the first year, we promise to fix your apron for free. 


Whether you are interested in purchasing just 1 or 100, each apron will be crafted with care to your specifications. We offer a discount on larger orders. You can personalize your leather apron by branding it with your (business) logo.


Our leather is coated with an extra protective layer, making it easy to clean by simply wiping it down. Alternatively, mix one quart of warm water with a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. Regular use of a leather conditioner will help keep your apron looking great year after year.


Unlike cotton aprons which inevitably fade and wear, Stalwart Crafts leather aprons improve with age. Leather is one of the most durable materials out there and with time, will become more and more flexible while keeping its shape and strength.


We have worked hard to create an apron that is both light and comfortable enough to wear all day while adding an extra layer to protect from stains, heat, and/or sharp objects. 


Standard cotton aprons wear over time but Stalwart Crafts leather aprons, actually, improve with age. When properly cared for your luxury leather apron will last for decades, making it a responsible investment. The superior craftsmanship and use of superior leather guarantee your apron will last a lifetime.

Life time guarantee

My name is Tim de Ket, Founder of Stalwart Crafts.

Because I believe in the craftsmanship and the quality of our aprons, I stand by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.


For details regarding our lifetime warranty please click here.


The Stalwart apron is guaranteed to survive anything you throw at it. Literally! Grease, wine, food, dirt: there’s nothing that fazes these well-crafted luxury 100% natural leather aprons. Simply wipe the apron with a damp cloth. Alternatively, mix one quart of warm water with a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. For tougher projects feel free to use a hose! Check out the video and see for yourself.

Regular use of our leather conditioner will help make your apron look great year after year.

Purchased this as a gift for our son who is starting to do blacksmithing and he is ecstatic over this leather apron!
Jesse Costin
13:55 08 Jan 24
The leather apron is absolutely beautiful! My husband loved it. He does woodworking and will wear it in his shop. He loves the softness and apparent durability as well as being able to adjust the straps for a comfortable fit. The color is rich and the plate engraved with the name of his shop make this apron very special.
Jan Muschar
21:42 04 Jan 24
My purchase from Stalwart USA was smooth, friendly and very professional… Micki was a pleasure to work with! Not only the best products, but exemplary customer service as well- which is equally as important… These folks are for real!
Alonzo Bishop
23:02 18 Dec 23
I gave this as a gift to a friend who is a amazing cook and always wore a cloth apron. He was awestruck and got him excited to employ the apron to cook his amazing meals for family and friends!!
Eric Jansson
05:29 16 Dec 23
Purchased an 'imperfect' leather apron for my husband for our anniversary. There are only two visible imperfections (that I can see) and they are so tiny! Such a nice apron for him to forge/woodwork/possibly cook. Thank you for offering these as an option!
Emily Grimm
18:29 20 Nov 23
Great customer service and great quality, plus it looks amazing. I'm looking forward to bbq'ing with this apron for many years.
Brian Cousens
19:17 10 Nov 23
These Aprons are Incredible! Such a perfect finishing touch for our uniform. The quality, durability and luxe feel of the leather is absolutely delicious!
Mary Wilson
13:35 29 Jun 23
You don't know what you're missing out on if you don't have one of these aprons. (and I'm not a sales person for Stalwart, just a happy customer).I saw their aprons at a food show where I was also exhibiting, and as soon as I saw these, I just had to have one. Not only that, I bought one for my brother, one of my brother-in-law, and one for my 3rd dad (sort of my surrogate dad). Every one absolutely LOVED it - it was a great and unique gift !!
Peter Creyf
19:59 15 May 23
Fantastic Leather Apron, Cant wait to purchase another!
Joe Henderek
14:47 28 Apr 23
I use to suck at cooking, but now, with this bad A$$ Apron, I’m CRUSHING it! Love It!
Russell Johnson
20:26 14 Feb 23
Dealing with Stalwart Crafts has been my best on-line purchasing experience of all time. Firstly they have a broad range of products, and all of them, given the overall quality, is wonderful, with items that carry appeal across a broad range. This meant that in my case there was a wide choice, so I was able to find what I wanted. Even better was the fact that the company was also prepared to make further alterations and adjustments to the apron I had chosen.Given the fact that this was a leather apron I felt that the price was extremely reasonable, and the range of products sparked ideas for future Christmas and birthday presents for other people, including the younger generation.The staff at Stalwart Crafts were courteous, professional and humorous throughout a productive telephone conversation. Payment was straightforward, being a bank transfer.I ordered the apron on the Friday afternoon and it arrived ten hours later by first class post, on Saturday at midday. That was unprecedented speed, and most welcome.And the quality of the material (leather) used for the apron is staggeringly high, as is the quality the craftsmanship. Nothing appears to have been skimped. The finished article is stunning. This is a seriously high quality product.This was truly a genuinely five star experience of on-line shopping for me and I cannot recommend Stalwart Crafts highly enough.David Llewellyn
David Llewellyn
10:51 14 Feb 23
Ordered their 'Emergency Christmas Arrival' apron which was shipped and arrived almost instantly even in a time of shipping chaos, and after many other companies couldn't guarantee any arrival time. This alone was good enough, but they even personally got in touch with me to offer alternative aprons that would arrive on time too, just in case I had wanted more choice, which was just excellent service.This is to say nothing of the quality of the product, which is sturdy, beautiful to behold, and has that gorgeous scent that only proper leather carries.Awesome job guys.
Adam Carpenter
12:59 12 Jan 23
Fantastic product with great people and an incredible customer service. Enjoyed my premium quality apron for a few months now and accidentally found I misplaced the sheath of my apron. I emailed asking if I could purchase another, lo and behold they had a spare so sent one on for free! Can't thank the team enough and I can tell this will be an apron I'll have for the rest of my long life!
Connor Lloyd
09:38 11 Jan 23
Excellent customer service! First, they helped me find the appropriate size for my husband. Then, I had some issues applying the discount, so I contacted customer service and they honored it with no problem. My husband LOVES it! The quality of the apron is impeccable and the name plate is just the cherry on top!
K. Williams
18:47 08 Jan 23
Bought as a birthday present after seeing the products in the flesh at a festival last year. Wasn’t disappointed. Great quality, great fit and nice detail of personalisation on the front. Customer service was exceptional. Kept in contact re delivery as post was slow close to Christmas and email received post delivery to check all was in order. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Great business run by professionals who clearly care.
Joanne Heath
10:02 06 Jan 23
Amazing product and service!
Melva Stockwell
15:09 03 Jan 23
The apron was of very good leather and well made. It looks as though it will last. There was a problem with the courier's site giving out wrong delivery information. Stalwart went above and beyond to sort the problem with the courier out from their end, I could not have asked for better service.
Patrick Sullivan
19:52 30 Dec 22
I ordered a leather apron for my husband for Christmas. I was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time so phoned Stalwart to check. I was given info on the process they follow with the order and assured it would be with me when I needed it. As promised, it arrived before Christmas and the quality of the product is fantastic. Thank you so much for such brilliant service. Merry Christmas to you all!
Annette Spurrell
10:12 24 Dec 22
Simple ordering process. Fast delivery. Everything was customized exactly as requested. This apron is beautiful, very high quality and sure to last a lifetime!
Josh Rollins
16:22 23 Nov 22
A very impressive apron. The high quality of the leather is immediately evident & all staff have commented on how easy it is to wear. The softness & quality of the leather really do need to be seen to be appreciated. Great support from the Stalwart team.Perhaps not the cheapest but certainly the best quality.
Donna W
11:35 01 Nov 22
I was really pleased with the apron I ordered for my husband's birthday, superb quality and style, just perfect! However, the service was not as good as I expected. After delay with delivery I emailed Stalwart Crafts and was informed this was due to the summer holidays and my order was promised the following week. This did not happen and I had to chase it up again, very disappointing!
Jean Curtis
06:53 23 Sep 22
The personal service, integrity and quality of every product and every interaction with Tim and Alister has been beyond first rate. A pleasure to work with and the end products speak for themselves. We've tried "cheaper" alternatives and had to replace time and again and the quality of the end product from Stalwart wows our staff, our guests and our accounts thanks there long lasting build.
Chris Baigent
18:46 09 Sep 22
I bought this gift for a friends 50th Birthday in Ireland. The website was easy to use and navigate. My friend received the apron and he said it was a super fast delivery, well packaged, and the Apron was just incredible. The quality is outstanding! The beautiful personalisation was incredible and a wonderful touch for a special occasion..Thank you Stalwart Crafts!
Shah Husain
13:17 18 Jun 22
Ordered an apron as a surprise for my hubby and I received the wrong colour, but Tim at Stalwart Crafts have been fantastic, receiving a brown one next week.. fabulous customer service and can’t recommend them enough. Thanks so much.
sarah burr
16:51 07 Apr 22
My mum really wanted a high quality apron for her day to day work. We found stalwart craft’s aprons and my mum instantly fell in love. What made it even better is the absolutely amazing service we received when trying to make a purchase. Not only did Tim listen to my mum explain why she wanted an apron, he made expert opinions and made the whole experience even better for me and my mum. Making my mum feel very comfortable and giving recommendations on what will suit her better. A lot of people would make recommendations and make the most expensive recommendations just so they make more money but with Tim it was more personal and he genuinely cared about what my mum wanted and what would suit her best. Tim was super quick and helpful with emails and replying to me and made the whole experience simple and easy. Especially for me and my mum who together know very little about online shopping.Would 100% recommend Stalwart crafts to anyone looking for aprons and any other high quality leather products they offer.Absolutely amazing and couldn’t have asked for better help!
Ross Taylor
18:04 29 Mar 22
Extremely happy with the aprons we ordered. Fast turnaround, and the team were more than happy to help me create the exact look I wanted for my business. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone that is thinking of using them!
Ben Meays
17:14 28 Feb 22
The only apron that I use! Alie was a pleasure to speak with being professional and had considerable knowledge and understanding on his products and their production. 100% recommend!
Great quality aprons and super stylish. Had a pleasant experience meeting the two handsome salesmen at the Christmas market last year - the aprons are not the only things that are easy on the eyes!
Alice Strafford
13:11 02 Feb 22
Got a leather apron for my partner for his blacksmithing. It is high quality and looks like it will last for many years to come. Very pleased!
L Tyler
11:27 12 Jan 22
Just received the XL cross strap apron for christmas off the wife, excellent quality and adjustablity, great smell and will come in very usefull for many years to come i can tell..........dont hesitate, buy one today.
Thomas Nutter
10:28 25 Dec 21
Perfect service, great product, quick delivery. Highly recommended!
Adrian Zdrada
07:11 10 Dec 21
Excellent apron bought these for all my staff very happy how they look,smart,professional and robust.would happily recommend to anyone, Excellent customer service!!
Johnny Payne
13:41 24 Aug 21
I got three aprons and three knife rolls, one each for my father, my cousin and myself. They are magnificent. The craftsmanship is out of this world. They are extremely well made and look phenomenal. I'm ecstatic about the aprons and the knife rolls. I can't recommend them enough.
Scott Thomas
19:02 16 Jun 21
As a small business owner, this was a considered purchase - I could have probably found something cheaper, but I doubt it would have been anywhere close to the quality of Stalwart Crafts.From the first message to receiving my gorgeous customised apron, the communication and care has been outstanding.Amazing craftsmanship, beautiful quality work and friendly help - if only every company was like this!If you’re considering using Stalwart Crafts I can assure you that you won’t regret it!
Laura Jayne
15:38 16 Jun 21
Bought 6 stunning bespoke aprons from Stalwart. Fantastic quality and really comfortable to wear. Tim was a great help advising me on the most suitable ones to go for. We receive compliments all the time on how smart we look! Thanks again
Ben Freeman
16:42 21 May 21
Ordered my bespoke leather Apron from these guys.Absolutely first class, great communication, really appreciate the help they gave me choosing the style & straps to suit my needs. Highly recommended!
johnathan west
17:10 18 Feb 21
Received my delivery and I am blown away by the craftsmanship of the leather apron. I had some issues over Christmas living in the uk and boarders being closed but the customer care team were very honest and reassuring. It was seriously worth the wait, I feel like I may fight my other half just so I can wear it around the house.It will be used to create many bbq smoked feasts.
Harriet Jackson
13:35 30 Dec 20
I have just purchased a leather apron for my husband and we are thrilled with it. Beautiful quality and superb craftsmanship. Extremely helpful and professional advice was well received, as well as swift delivery. Thank you Tim and all your team..... keep up the good work!
Diane Russell
16:20 23 Nov 20
Best 3rd wedding annniv gift. Keeps me clean of sharp hair and looks cool
Aisha Begum
11:35 15 Oct 20
We recently purchased a Leather Apron through the Stalwart Crafts.The quality: the leather used, the engraving of our logo "Booing Oporto Coffee Roasters" and the Apron details are very good.The speed prodution and professionalism of the staff are very good.We are very pleased with the good work done and the Apron has a quality that values our image in the sale of our coffees in our Coffee Shop Booínga.We recomendThanks
carlos vieira
17:00 01 Sep 18

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